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Pilla Catalogue at the customer's service.

Nearly 400 pages of pictures, 6.000 articles, detailed captions and descriptions. The new general catalogue of Pilla was presented at the Tan Expo Fair of Modena in 2006. It efficiently meets all the customer's requirements.

This catalogue does not just describe the products: it mainly represents the image of a way of “making business”, an exact mirror of the company's precise philosophy. A philosophy in which the customer is in the first place: Pilla has always chosen to dedicate itself to the customer thanks to a complete and impeccable personalised service. The same philosophy that accompanied the realisation of the new catalogue for which all the production facilities of the company where involved, especially marketing network that allowed the active participation of the customers that contributed to achieve the final target with their ideas and proposals.

Four years of research and eighteen months of work: a long preliminary phase of the catalogue during which the company received many ideas, advice and requests, hundreds of pictures were examined and several new products were realised, sometimes on the customers' advice. A real teamwork that intensely involved the company and the customers.

This hard work resulted in a catalogue easy to consult, with a practical and innovative layout, which offers the user a wide range of products: from the already known and appreciated collections to the most recent and original articles.

Divided in eight sections, each characterised by a specific colour, the Pilla catalogue also includes detailed descriptions and captions on the most advanced technological tools used by the company, such as the multi-media programs
P-Soft and Script, and on the research and development of new materials and handicraft processes, such as the
Pilla Finishing and the Marmital technique.

On request, you can also order the general catalogue on CD.

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