Funerary art since 1935

Melt the metal, forge it and manipulate the material, then transform it into objects with elegant and original shapes. A work that Pilla has been doing for over eighty years, handing down the secrets of an ancient art, which has its roots in the centuries-old Italian artisan tradition. Even today in the Pilla workshops, the material is transformed with the care and skill of the past, using production processes that combine modern technological solutions with the experience of a long tradition of craftsmanship.

Pilla suggestions

We have selected over 170 items for burial niches and urns with the best of the production currently available in the general catalogue. The selected items have been made with different stylistic solutions to try to satisfy the various tastes of customers. Our commercial consultancy is always available to help you with other new customised solutions. Discover what we have to offer.
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