You imagine it, P.Soft creates it.

The whole Pilla world is just a click away. P.Soft delivers the professionalism and quality of Pilla products directly to your computer screen. Created in over two years of analysis and research, the new P.Soft software will allow you to design customised projects for niches, tombs and engravings and create customised estimates on what you have designed. A revolutionary multimedia tool, designed to improve the negotiation with the public, promoting total and immediate understanding of your projects on the part of customers, by means of accurate photographic renderings made and printed in a few seconds.

A powerful and innovative “engine” designed to become a simple and immediate support for your daily professional life: P. Soft offers you a complete library of graphic solutions ready to be customised according to your needs, including the choice of different materials and the layout and type of characters to be used. A multimedia revolution designed to establish a new professional standard in the funerary art market, i.e. the possibility for each business to create their own customised catalogue.