Writing on marble
has been made easy

Just a few minutes to write on a marble or granite slab. This is what you can do with Script, the software developed since the eighties by Pilla, the first company in the industry to believe in the then very new possibilities made available by the information revolution. The program saves time by displaying the letters to be applied on the marble or granite slab directly on the video of your PC and establishing the exact position of the holes and the distance between the letters, the words and the lines.

Equipped with a vast library of functions including a valid "online guide" and a wide choice of characters, Script is a software designed even for less experienced users, thanks to the use of a graphic interface similar to that of the most famous programs of the Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, Power Point).
Today, more than twenty years after the presentation of its first version, Script has become a tool used daily by most of the key players in the funeral market, so much so that it represents a common standard adopted also by competing companies

The Vicenza-based company has recently followed the second version of the program, Script II, with the new ScriptPilla. This latest version, updated and improved in comparison with the previous version in terms of graphics and accessibility, has been designed ad hoc to give all businesses in the sector the possibility of downloading it directly via the internet, in different languages, from the new website

However, Script II is always available for computer enthusiasts who require increasingly complex functionalities, which, for exactly this reason, cannot be practical and accessible for everyone.