2 August 2021
General Catalogue 2021
We are pleased to introduce our new general catalogue. There are 132 new or refreshed […]
23 June 2021
The art of murrina
Artistic handmade items,every article you choose it will be unique in its shape and color.
26 May 2021
The latest urns collection, artisans … beyond shape
The objects presented in the new Urns Catalog are conceived to be made with ancient […]
26 April 2021
FAVELLINA, the series continues
We replicate the well know success of Favellina with a new shape.
25 March 2021
Our collection of crosses grows continuously to give the opportunity to choose ever more innovative […]
12 February 2021
Flowers  compositions
We enrich our flowers  compositions with a new lost wax collection  for ground monuments . […]
14 January 2021
The latest innovation of our company is called “Policolor”  because you can use more than […]
13 November 2020
New catalogue proposals
Pilla Proposte arose from the need to provide a selection of ideas for Funeral Niches […]
5 October 2020
Flowers made with lost wax casting
We have further enriched our collection of flowers made with the lost wax casting technique […]